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    Optimised food products for elderly populations

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    Optimised food products for elderly populations


The OPTIFEL project stems from the strong conviction that to improve nutrition for the elderly, we need to focus our efforts on developing products tailored to seniors by using the current food processing instruments. As pleasure is an integral part of an adequate diet, the first objective is to identify the requirements and expectations of seniors. These data will then be translated into guidelines to help us conceive, elaborate and test tastier, attractive foods with easy-to-eat textures and of course nutritional interests. The research will focus on vegetables and fruits as they offer a large variety of tastes, colours and textures, and as emerging literature connects higher intake of vegetables and fruits to improved health outcomes, including mortality, disability, chronic diseases and other geriatric conditions. Other factors such as food safety, adapted packaging and environmental costs assessment will also be investigated.
We will strive to provide the results, on the one hand, providing practical and appropriate tools to the general public, and secondly, by disseminating information to the scientific community throughout the project.

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Catherine Renard, scientific coordinator

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