2015 Optifel’s Ph.D. workshop

Optifel’s Ph.D. workshop took place Feb 9-10 in Avignon (France). There were 9 participants (Ph.D. students) and 2 coaches, E. Eminagic and C. Renard. The objective was to familiarize the Ph.D. students with the mechanics of scientific publishing, and gave them an opportunity to advance their own publication project by confrontation with each other and with experienced researchers.

Workshop program:

Monday 9th, February 2015
10h-11h The aims of publication
What is a publication for? Who am I writing for?
Before the experiments! Hypothesis, literature, workplan, Journal
11h30 – 12h30 Article structure
What are the different parts of the article for?
Relation between introduction and discussion
Structuring a paragraph
14h- 15h30 Critical reading – some good and some bad publications
16h-18h Some technical points: M&M, legible Tables and figures, complete literature references

Tuesday 10th February
9h-10h30 Work on your own projects – in half groups
11h-12h30 Work on your own project – continued
14h-16h30 Sending an article
Before the publication: journal choice, data selection, copyright
What do I need to prepare?
How do I convince the Editor
How to answer the reviewers?