Benchmark and tasting session: Optifel M18 meeting in Paris

Partners of the Optifel project met in Paris from 4 to 6 February 2015 for the M18 meeting. During the meeting, a tasting was organised, with products from the benchmark task, as identified by Nutrimarketing, and from OPTIFEL concepts, as elaborated already by the WP3 partners.

N’Bread: a patented innovative technology has recently allowed to formulate products made of 98% carrot or apple, in a soft texture close to sandwich bread. The samples submitted were: natural apple, carrot or carrot flavored with cream and shallots. Formulas can incorporate proteins, nutrients, spices or herbs. Shelflife can reach 30 days without preservatives.

NutriConcept: apple or carrot « bites », seasoned with just a touch of sugar or spices. The concept is to have everything on the menu, re-texturized while maintaining the appearance of the food (shaped pork chop from a pork chop , shaped peas from peas): ideal for people with swallowing disorders, who are bedridden or in a semi-recumbent position.

High pressure: technology used for providing apple or carrot puree or apple quarters, with maximum of the flavor and nutritional benefits preserved. More taste and flavor means improved palatability and better consumption in subjects who often lose their appetite and happiness. An opportunity to develop mashed products with added protein or nutrients. The products are cooked and therefore, with a good intestinal tolerance.

Smoothies: by formulating juices and purees from fruit or/and vegetables, with more or less beta carotene, easy-to-drink products are obtained, with a tailored or adaptable nutritional content. Preference tests were performed.

MICVAC vegetable puree: using this process (3 patents), we have prepared vegetable or fruit cooked in microwave, multipurpose: either we remain mashed or dilute for a soup, or a base to complete a recipe (gratin, soufflé). Shelflife 60 days in chilled.

YUMI smoothies: from high pressure, the mixtures are not dedicated to seniors. Very unusual and almost undrinkable, however they demonstrate the potential of this technology, more respectful for flavors, colors and nutritional benefits. Short shelflife and tendency to phase shift.








Thank you Béatrice, Jarek, Gérard & Cassandre, Dolors, Laia and Ingrid for the tasting experience!