January 2017 – Selected Publications

Plasma Carotenoids, Tocopherols, and Retinol in the Age-Stratified (35-74 Years) General Population: A cross-Sectionnal Study in Six European Countries. Stuetz et al. Nutrients 2016, 8(10).

Executive functioning and dietary intake: Neurocognitive correlates of fruit, vegetable, and saturated fat intake in adults with obesity. Wyckoff et al. Appetite. Volume 111, 1 April 2017, Pages 79–85


December 2016 – Selected publications

Hydroethanolic extracts from different genotypes of acaï (Euterpe oleracea) presented antioxidant potential and protected human neuron-like cells (SH-SY5Y). Priscila do Carmo Marchioro Raupp Torma et al. Food Chemistry. Volume 222, 1 May 2017, Pages 94–104

Potential health benefits and quality of dried fruits: Goji fruits, cranberries and raisins. Magdalena Jeszka-Skowron et al. Food Chemistry. Volume 221, 15 April 2017, Pages 228–236



Optifel Dissemination day – Barcelona December 2016

A dissemination day about Optifel project has been organized by IRTA in Barcelona next 14th December.

Program (In Catalan): jornada-optifel-final
9:30 Taula Rodona 1. Anàlisi de la situació actual. Moderador: Toni Massanés
– Fotografia actual en dades. Jaume Serra. Agencia catalana de salut pública
– Necessitats nutricionals gent gran i canvis deguts a l’envelliment. Laura Padró. UB
– Alimentar-se, què hi diuen els nostres protagonistes?. Mª Gràcia Artigas. Emporhotel
– Discussió i preguntes
10:45 Taula Rodona 2. Especificacions i necessitats: dels nutrients a la taula. Moderador: M. Dolors Guàrdia
– Patologia de l’alimentació en la gent gran. Isabel Hernández. Fundació ACE.
– Disfàgia i alimentació per a la gent gran. Ivet Clemente. Serveis de Salut Integrats del Baix Empordà
– Solucions culinàries aplicades a l’alimentació triturada. Elena Roura. Fundació Alícia
– Discussió i preguntes

12.30 Reptes de l’alimentació a domicili per a la gent gran. Vicenç Sellés, Compass Group Spain
13:00 El camí per elaborar nous conceptes de productes per a persones grans: l’experiència del projecte OPTIFEL.
Pierre Picouet. ESA/IRTA
13.30 Showcooking, cuinar per seguir sent independents. Jaume Biarnés. Fundació Alícia
14.00 Dinar

2nd COOK & Health Scientific Symposium

Call for abstracts!
The 2nd COOK & Health Scientific Symposium will be held on Thursday, 2 March 2017 in the University of West London.
Organised by BCC INNOVATION -Research and Innovation Center and University of West London, this event will share up-to-date knowledge on the relationships between cooking, eating behaviours and health.

Abstracts should be sent to xallirot@bculinary.com before the 23rd of December 2016.

More information: Call for abstracts C&H symposium

Upcoming thesis defense about food for elderly!

Mathieu Mingioni will defend his PhD in Angers (ESA) November 24, 2016. His research work entitled “Food for elderly –  Sensory study of fortified fruits and vegetables” was conducted in the context of OPTIFEL project.

In a context of aging population and rising prevalence of malnutrition, the aim of this PhD thesis was to understand how to develop innovative food products that are nutritionally and sensorially adapted to elderly people’s diet using sensory tools.
A comparative multidisciplinary survey was performed in 5 European countries. We highlighted three main patterns of food habits and preferences in elderly people with culinary dependency (n=405). Despite those differences, we deliver a list of consensual fruit and vegetables (in the studied countries).
With 130 elderly people aged over 65 years old, we confirm the variability of sensory performances. We report original findings about gustatory discrimination abilities in which very few is known. Gustatory discrimination ability seems to remain stable before 80 years old but may decrease after. No link was found between sensory perceptions and appreciation for different apple purees. In a context of innovation, our results precise specifications by providing recommendations about possible ranges for sugar and acid concentrations to be used in apple purées.
Finally, using a sensory expert panel and 344 elderly people, we show that smoothies were not affected by the addition of vitamins. However, a protein supplementation (pea and wheat) significantly decreases sensory characteristics and hedonic evaluation of carrot purées.
Our results highlight the importance of sensory tools in a product development approach. It is important to include them all along the process of innovation.

Good luck Mathieu!

Optifel at Eurosense 2016

Liking of elderly consumers for protein enriched products – The case of carrot purées.

Meals of dependent elderly people: importance of fruit and vegetables.

Oral communications from Mathieu Mingioni and Isabelle Maître (ESA) during Eurosense 2016  in Dijon (France), 2016 Sept 11-14.