Optifel at Eurosense 2016

Liking of elderly consumers for protein enriched products – The case of carrot purées.

Meals of dependent elderly people: importance of fruit and vegetables.

Oral communications from Mathieu Mingioni and Isabelle Maître (ESA) during Eurosense 2016  in Dijon (France), 2016 Sept 11-14.



15th International Symposium “Prospects for the Third Millenium Agriculture”

Centiv has disseminated OPTIFEL project at the 15th International Symposium “Prospects for the Third Millennium Agriculture”, held on 29th of September – 1st of October 2016 in Romania.

Posters were presented alongside the topic Food Science and Technology. The 2 short communications have been published in the Bulletin UASVM Food Science and Technology 73(2)/2016:

The 2 short communications will be published in Bulletin of UASVM-CN.

For more information: mt@centiv.de

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Présentation projet Optifel – Colloque Nutrition / Santé MDD Expo

Lors du congrès MDD Expo organisé à Paris en mars 2016, Catherine Renard a présenté le projet Optifel.

Tendances, innovations, réseaux d’affaires, internationalisation… les mercredi 30 et jeudi 31 mars 2016, MDD Expo a fédéré à Paris – Porte de Versailles – Hall 4 tous les professionnels du secteur dans des conditions optimales pour l’essor de la filière.

Lien vers la présentation : Optifel – présentation colloque nutrition 2016

Optifel at the Food for Elderly International Conference!

OPTIFEL project was strongly represented at the “Food for Elderly International Conference” organized by Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou 15 – 17 octobre 2015. Three members from OPTIFEL’s consortium were invited speakers at  this conference organised by Professor Jianshe Chen, who is a former Optifel participant.

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Optifel results presented during Pangborn 2015

During the last Pangborn 2015, 2 posters have been presented by Mathieu MINGIONI (ESA):

Fruits and Vegetables liking among European elderly, according to food preferences, attitutes towards food and dependency. M. Mingioni, E. Mehinagic, L. Laguna, A. Sarkar, G. Artigas, V. Vanwymelbeke, T. Pirttijärvi, J. Chen, E. Järvenpää, H. Kautola, T. Mäenpää, R. Tahvonen, I.Grabska-Kobylecka, I. Maitre.

Gustatory discrimination abilities of elderly people in apple purées and impact on liking. M. Mingioni, E. Mehinagic, G. Artigas, K. Siucińska, D. Konopacka, I. Maitre.