First International PLEASURE Conference and Health & Food days 2014

On 18-19 June 2014, Monica Trif from Centiv GmbH attended two events organized in La Rochelle (France): the first international Pleasure Conference “SALT-SUGAR-LIPIDS REDUCTION” and the “Health & Food days”  (JAS) organized by the cluster « CRITT Agro-Alimentaire ». A double opportunity to talk about the project OPTIFEL!

The Pleasure Conference was opened in the frame of the ongoing Research project PLEASURE funded by the European Commission. This collaborative project aims to identify and further develop processes and technologies which on the one hand allow the reduction of the unwanted fat (saturated and trans-fatty acids), salt and sugar (mono- and disaccharides) but on the other avoid or at least reduce the use of replacers like sweeteners by achieving an optimised sensorial perception of the sugars, salts and fats present in the products to be developed. Abstract book is available on Pleasure Conference website.

The dissemination materials used by Monica were the Optifel flyer (poster) and the press release.

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Centiv GmbH is one of the 26 partners of Optifel project. The Centre for innovative process engineering (Centiv GmbH, Germany) is a multi disciplinary research organization with the objective to support the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises through technological innovations.

Photo credit: Monica Trif, Centiv GmbH