ILSI Workshop on Nutrition for the Ageing Brain

Nutrition and Ageing WS ILSI Europe

The purpose of the ILSI workshop is to convene experts to discuss and debate the potential for maintaining cognitive function via diet.

3-4 July 2014, Milan, Italy

The percentage of aged populations (e.g. 60 years and older) in almost every country will skyrocket in the next few decades. Currently there are no preventative dietary recommendations for preserving brain health and cognition by any major health organisations, and regulatory agencies have given no positive opinions for nutrients that help maintain brain function during ageing.
At the same time, there exists a wealth of disparate data related to how nutrients, food components and whole diets impact cognitive ageing. The intent of this initiative is to generate possible answers or possible ways to discover answers (i.e. study proposals) for optimal nutrition to prevent brain ageing.

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