Do you know VeggiEAT project?

VeggiEAT is a European research programme devoted to the promotion of vegetable consumption for teenagers and senior citizens in Denmark, France, Italy and
the United Kingdom.

VeggiEAT is a combination of industrial and academic research, overseen by the University of Bournemouth in England, with the universities of Aalborg and Florence as academic partners, and Bonduelle and the Paul Bocuse Institute Research Centre as industrial/SME partners.
VeggiEAT’s purpose is to develop a European modelling platform for ready-to-eat vegetables both at home and in the catering business, by trying to understand consumer
preferences (sensory analysis); elaborating recipes for use in catering; comparing how the food offer is presented in school and retirement home cafeterias.

28 October 2013 – Press release “Launch of a new European research project at Aalborg University in Copenhagen”