Final conference

After 3 years of intense research work, the final conference of EU project Optifel was held on the 1st of February 2017,

in Paris at the auditorium of Business France (77 Boulevard Saint Jacques 75 014 Paris, France).

The meeting had asset the results of the project and explain to what extent they are transferable to food industry, meals-on-wheels, catering services and health professionals.

This final event embodies the end of an original concept, which was melting taste, pleasure and nutritional profile in the perspective to create food products giving back to older people the pleasure to eat.

All Medias and professionals were invited to attend at this meeting.

Final Conference program and presentations

8:30 Opening of registration
9:20 Welcome and introduction – Catherine Renard PDF
Specificities of the elderly people: specific wishes & needs for autonomous and dependent seniors
  • Food perception and pleasure PDF
Isabelle Maitre
  • What are senior’s preferences for fruits and vegetables?
Tuija Pirttjarvi
  • Easy opening and legible packaging : senior’s preferences and limitations
Selcuk Yildirim
  • Objective measurement of physical and oral capabilities of elderlies. Insights to design novel food textures
Anwesha Sarkar
  • Nutritional and texture needs PDF / PDF
Raija Thavonen and MDolors Guardia
12:15 LUNCH
Designing and delivering food for the elderly: the case of fortification
  • Fortification: is it accepted and efficient? PDF
Virginie Van Wymelbeke
  • The issue of texture: impact of protein addition, manipulating the texture of fruit or vegetable puree PDF
Cassandre Leverrier
  • Whole meal solution: A new approach? PDF
Pierre Picouet
  • Integrating vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetable-based foods: the challenges PDF
Jaroslaw Markowski
Storage, delivery and implementation
  • Sustainability in elderly food design: Key challenges? PDF
Laura Peano
  • Maintaining safety throughout storage and reheating PDF
Christophe Nguyen-The
  • Maintaining nutritional quality throughout storage and reheating PDF
Catherine Renard
17:30   Closure and thanks