SIforAGE first Social Innovation Research Prize

SIforAGE has launched its first Social Innovation Research Prize. The SIforAGE Prize aims to give recognition to projects that undertake research into Social Innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing and that make significant contributions to ager communities, their families, and caregivers in order to promote an inclusive society.

Each research project applying for the SIforAGE Prize must be presented in conjunction with at least three consortium partners, that is, one consortium partner from each of the following types of institution: public administration, research institution, civil society organization.

Eligible research projects will contribute to one, or more, of 5 priority areas:

(1)Housing:  solutions and innovations  for agers that  increase their autonomy and independence.
(2)ICT: technological and digitalised solutions and innovations that improve and consolidate ager quality of life.
(3)Social participation: administrative and management solutions that promote ager participation and inclusion in their community.
(4)Urban planning:  adapting cities, towns, and other urban infrastructures to ager needs and limitations.
(5)Health and well-being:  research results that contribute significantly to ager health and well-being.

Awards will be made to a total of 3 research projects proposals, which will receive 5,000  € each. Learn more about the prize clicking on the following link.
Social Innovation Research Prize 2014 call is now available on SIforAGE website.